Collistar - Cosmetics made in Italy
Collistar - Cosmetics made in Italy
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Body Treatments
Special Perfect Body
Bust Firming Cream-Gel
immediate lifting effect
The beauty of the breast largely depends on the compactness of the skin tissue that covers and supports it like a real “natural bra”. Especially designed to strengthen this tissue which, with time, but also after pregnancy or weight loss, tends to slacken, this treatment guarantees a threefold effectiveness.

• Immediate lifting effect - Thanks to the combined action of hyaluronic acid and beta-cyclodextrin, the product encloses the skin surface in a film which, like an invisible “cosmetic bra”, supports and reshapes the bust.

• Firming and reshaping* effectiveness - The combination of two different plant extracts results in an intense recompacting action on the structures of the breast skin tissue. Extract of Padina pavonica algae stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin, while extract of Kigelia Africana, highly rich in bioflavonoids, performs an intense dermo-firming action, favouring the gradual reshaping of the bust.

• Elasticizing, anti-slackening and anti-age effectiveness
To reinforce and prevent the breaking down of the supporting elastic fibres, the product contains an innovative microencapsulated complex that is activated only during massage, thus ensuring that its many properties remain intact until ready to use. In addition to its great elasticizing power, it is also able to combat free radicals and the degradation of collagen and elastin, thereby helping to prevent the formation of stretch marks.
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150 ml Maxi Size tube
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Intensive Bust Volumizing Serum Night
with plant stem cells
Collistar rediscovers the power of the night with the creation of an absolutely brand new product that takes advantage of the special nightly biorhythms of the skin’s tissues to boost the volume and compactness of the bust during the night. The components of the formula have been carefully selected and combined to act according to a precise synergy which guarantees rapid and visible results. The brand new Voluform™ stimulates nightly adipogenesis fostering the increase of the adipose tissues of the bust. Stem cells of Centella asiatica accelerate the physiological turnover of the skin’s cells and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and the other proteins in the skin on which the suppleness, compactness and firmness of the skin depend, giving the bust increased tone and firmness.

Who it is for: Ideal at any age, it is especially recommended for those who wish to increase the volume of their bust or whenever the bust appears relaxed and ‘empty’. Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
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150 ml Maxi Size Tube
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* reshaping cosmetic action
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